2020, a year of crises for many entrepreneurs, a year of opportunities for others. These are the opportunities that Andriamihaja Symbola RAFIRINGA seized by launching Tamatave tsara through his startup BOLA SERVICE CONSULTING. As Malagasy entrepreneurs are recognized for their ability to rebound in business, it was clear that the post-crisis period will be rich in evolution.

Tamatave tsara, fruit of passion and vision

With the launch of Tamatave Tsara, this young entrepreneur has succeeded in demonstrating:

- that nothing is impossible, no matter the situation, the 2020 health crisis being the perfect example;

- that you could be successful in business while giving other entrepreneurs like him the opportunity to grow their businesses.

Being aware of the radical economic changes that Toamasina had initiated in recent years, in particular with the emergence of a new category of entrepreneurs, young people at the head of startups, he quickly understood that this platform would become a necessity .

Why launch Tamatave tsara in Toamasina?

Toamasina is home to the head office of BOLA SERVICE CONSULTING, but it is above all the first port city of Madagascar.

It therefore plays a key role in the economic life of the country. It should be noted that despite the natural wealth at its disposal, Madagascar is still very developing in imports. 90% of goods in circulation on the island come from outside and most of these imports pass through the city of Toamasina.

The same also applies to exports.

This environment, rich in possibilities, has always attracted Malagasy and foreign entrepreneurs. But since the start-up concept has exploded in southern countries, especially Madagascar, their number has increased considerably in the city.

If we add to this the opportunities that the internet offers, Toamasina will weigh its weight in the economic face of the island in the coming years. With Tamatave Tsara, all these operators will take center stage even more to promote this formidable development.

More than just an economic platform

It would have been easier and simpler to have only a short-term view of the usefulness of the platform. BOLA SERVICE CONSULTING could have contented itself with creating a referencing site for all the economic operators in the city. But why stop there when you know that more can be done?

For economic operators, on the pages dedicated to them, Tamatave tsara provides them with excellent visibility and also the ability to directly interact with their target customers. For example, they can present products, promotional offers, make online sales or retain customers ... all this directly on the platform.

The economy, a question of synergy

To make the platform even more convenient for contractors and suppliers of goods and services listed on the site, further steps have been taken to enable them to access information they would need to have on hand. permanence. It is for this reason that Tamatave Tsara is also open to state and non-governmental organizations.

- On the one hand, it allows entrepreneurs to get information quickly.

- On the other hand, the platform allows these organizations to be more present on the Internet, more visible to all those who are interested or who need their services, to disseminate information more quickly.

The rest of the population is the third pillar of the economy. After all, they are the end consumers. This is why services have been designed especially for them in addition to information about their suppliers. For example, there is the Classifieds section, the Practical section or the Blog section.

In the long term, by maintaining this synergy and constantly providing quality services, Tamatave Tsara sees Toamasina rise to the rank of the economic capital of Madagascar.

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