Port of Tamatave-Canal des Pangalanes

If the northern section of the canal is very frequented by canoes carrying passengers and provisions to the large port of Toamasina, the southern part is much less.
It is made up of a succession of small canals connecting between them lakes with abundant vegetation (Ampitabe, Akanin’ny Nofy) and where the flagship tree of Madagascar grows, Ravinala, “the traveler tree”, symbol of the country. , easily recognizable by its fan-shaped leaves.
Along the canals are isolated villages, made of traditional huts on stilts or mud.
Its inhabitants live largely on the waterway, selling fish and handicrafts to passing boats. The boatmen are the link between these different communities and the cities, ensuring the delivery of parcels and provisions to the inhabitants of the banks, honoring orders placed orally during their previous visit, sometimes several weeks before.


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