Discovery Tamatave

If I am allowed to go somewhere, I would definitely choose Tamatave. I would like to invite you to travel with me, to discover my birthplace, my adopted city; to live an adventure of knowledge and surprises: my TAMATAVE !!!

Tamatave, the economic capital of Madagascar, located in the east coast, at 360km from Tana, sheltering  the internationa  port is simply fabulous. If I describe to you a very fresh city, often watered with small rains, giving life to majestic trees and pretty flowers almost all endemic to the region, thus becoming a must-see setting on every street corner. And this seaside jealously guarded by these old coconut trees, producing magnificent shadows on a sunny day. A five-star nature that will take your breath away. I tell you again, this city conquers the heart.

A priori, when you land in Tamatave, a particular thing catches your attention. You already feel the fluidity of the traffic: No more heavy traffic jams as in  Antananarivo but  greeting cyclo-shoots and Tuc-tucs. Unlike other means of public transport in the capital, these pedal tricycles are seen as private. More pleasant and more respectful to the environment, they allow you to visit even the most inaccessible alleys of the city.

Of course, transport costs vary depending on the destination, but always have to be haggled. A life quite easy and very pleasant for nature enthusiasts and activists.

There are also the tuc-tuc, three-wheeled vehicles driven by a motor. It is ideal for those who are in a hurry. They are somewhat similar to the concept of the “taxi-be” of the capital; with two or three

passengers who each of them has  his or her own destination. The costs, on the other hand, no matter where we go, stay a thousand


In the small neighborhood streets, you often come across carts pushed by one or two people, and which serve them as displays of goods. They are street vendors of coals in bags, used shoes and second-hand clothes and even fruits and vegetables. These drawn carriages  called « calèches » here, are also used to transport garbage, materials for construction or for moving …

Car smoke is rare around here. The city is calm and breathes the fresh air of the ocean.

But above all,  very welcoming, generous and sociable Betsimisaraka people await you there.

Even technology has burst into everyday life, both on personal and

professional level, the generosity of the heart remains steadfast in this little corner of paradise. We can see through their culture, their customs and their habits, people very attached to the “fihavanana

Malagasy ”. And if one day  you meet them, dressed in their loincloths, walking together in the street, it is to show solidarity in mourning or simply in the celebration of any happy event.

However, other ethnic groups of people  such as the Antesaka, the Antemoro, the Antandroy, the Merina and the Betsileo settled in Tamatave. They add a little spice to this daily life, sometimes too calm, making Tamatave a city in all directions.

If everything depends on the beauty and serenity of the city, the gastronomy is not to be left out. Tamatave remains the fruit palace. You will not be disappointed. Tropical or not, displays of bananas,

watermelons, coconuts, soursop and many more will make your mouth water.

Today, with greater certainty, I reaffirm: Tamatave is a wonderful city. The circumstances make life more complicated there. But I keep hope, it will be again as it was, a place of peace and serenity…. Because  always in the east the sun rises, in the east  also hope raises!


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