DAVINAH Marielle (Fy Machiro)

DAVINAH Marielle

The community of entrepreneurs of Tamatave Tsara has once again grown with the arrival of DAVINAH Marielle in its ranks. As always, we do not fail to give them a tailor-made presentation, commensurate with their success.

The beginnings of DAVINAH Marielle in entrepreneurship

The term success story suits this strong and courageous woman perfectly. Cornered by financial worries in 2019, she had no other choice but to get out of it. On the one hand, there were her parents who needed her and on the other, her child. It was in the midst of all these problems that the future entrepreneur remembered her passion for cooking and the compliments she received from her parents, friends and entourage every time she was in the kitchen. .

It is in this context that Fy Machiro was born. Behind this glamorous, sweet and delicious-sounding name hides a first-rate entrepreneur. In a few years, from the top of her 26 years, this little bit of a woman has succeeded in making her mark in the city of Tamatave. Those who are fans of quality snacks all know very well its point of sale near the town hall of Ankirihiry in Tamatave.

What does DAVINAH Marielle’s company offer?

DAVINAH Marielle has set up a company specializing in local culinary products. The goal of his company is to allow everyone at any time to taste well-known preparations from his native region such as chicken Saonjo, frozen cassava or even the coconut half-moon or the Cuisse-dame revisited. by Fy Machiro.

So that everyone can taste them, Fy Machiro does not only offer them in his point of sale which, moreover, serves as a showcase. All the work takes place in his workshop where all these little delicacies are prepared, packaged and distributed in grocery stores in the city of Tamatave. Fy Machiro products are popular with young and old alike. For parents in particular, being of artisanal design until then, these products offer a better alternative to industrial snacks.

Armed with his motto “Nothing will prevent me from succeeding”, DAVINAH Marielle hopes to quickly conquer the Antananarivo market and soon after, the whole of Madagascar. At Tamatave Tsara, we can’t wait to support him in his success and already wish him the best.


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