Tamatave tsara is proud to present its two new members: NORIJAONA Aurélie and VELOMASY Cecilia. With their delicious preparations, the sweltering heat of the city no longer affects our team. Their fresh and healthy drinks as well as their delicious culinary preparations are sure to delight our gourmet palates.

The beginnings of NORIJAONA Aurélie and VELOMASY Cecilia in entrepreneurship

Both eager to break free from the system: “boss – employ” these two young women have found each other. Cecilia, 26 years old and Aurélie 31 years old are two mothers who dream of finding their products with each hand and in each home of Tamatavy to begin with thanks to their brand GRAND FIESTA JUICE BAR.

For Aurelie, the success of their business comes from the fact that she has found the ideal partner for her business. For Cecilia, it is their ambitions that push them to always go further. The ambition is enormous since both hope that soon their products will cross the borders of Madagascar.

Their advice to future entrepreneurs: Start first! There will be opportunities available to you once you get started. Go for it and dare to stand out.

The products and services offered by NORIJAONA Aurélie and VELOMASY Cecilia

GRAND FIESTA JUICE BAR is a bar located in Bazar Be, opposite the Goutte de lait or La Croix Rouge. It is a bit special since it is open to all and does not serve the slightest drop of alcohol. Thanks to this formula, the launch of the brand was a great success. Individuals and local businesses are snapping up their preparations, especially since they are all take-out and can even be delivered to their homes.

The brand stands out even more by its healthy and dietetic side, as evidenced by their slogan “Grande fiesta juice bar: My life, my health”. In their menu, find their original creations of well-iced juice such as Cola juice and teas such as Banana cinnamon tea, Boost tea, Cocktail tea, Ginger tea. Next to it, you also have Hot chocolate, Café au lait and Café cinnamon that you can accompany with Vanilla or ginger thigh lady or with Mokary GRAND FIESTA JUICE BAR style.

Their collaboration with the platform of reference professionals Tamatave Tsara is part of their communication program in order to have more visibility. Of course, our team will do everything in our power to serve their ambitions.


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